our mission

More efficiency for food wholesalers

Our Vision
A Sustainable Food Supply Chain

Our vision is a strong food supply chain, where automation and simple, digital tools help to minimize food waste, alleviate staff shortages and maximize profitability.

We want to help ensure that every step of the supply chain becomes more efficient and that resources are used optimally in order to create a sustainable and economically successful future for the entire industry.

Our ordering app is a first step in this direction and we will continue to develop innovative technologies to revolutionize the food supply chain. We stand by independent wholesalers and producers, big and small.
The solution

Our Partners

Our History

Establishment of market heroes
Delivery of groceries from the Offenbach weekly market to private households. "Delivering is damn hard...."
Delivery to restaurateurs
The restaurant "At Frau Nonna" is now supplied by us. We see how much is ordered by fax.
Founding of ChefsList
Spin-off from the startup incubator of the Goethe University Frankfurt.
First wholesaler
Feddersen from Berlin becomes our first wholesale partner

Already over 300.000 orders done via ChefsList.

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