Hello, we are ChefsList!

A passionate and creative team developing digital products for food wholesalers and their customers.

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team of thinkers and builders. We keep reinventing ourselves and our products to help people in our industry to do what they love.
Andre K.

Founder, CEO


William H.

Founder, COO


Mitch S.

Founder, CPO/CTO


Peter H.


Lennart S.


Orlando L.

Customer Success

Nikolai E.

Customer Success

Anna H.

Customer Success

Clemens S.

Customer Success

Morgane L.

Product Design

Vlad M.


Boris S.


Denis K.


Why ChefsList?

Our mission is to secure the future of food wholesale.

Our industry is facing great challenges. The corona crisis, a shortage of skilled workers, low margins and digital marketplaces with revenue sharing and price comparisons all threaten to disrupt wholesalers, big and small.

We're here to help those wholesalers who are doing their best every day, behind the scenes. Producers and wholesalers of all shapes and sizes who work to the highest standards are therefore the backbone of our industry.

We are your digital partner and we are here to make you fit for the future of our industry.
André Klein, CEO

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