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With ChefsList, your customers will love ordering from you. For you, it will be much easier than ever before.

The most important features

Including automated data exchange thanks to our
connection to your ERP

Order Templates

Using the order templates, your customers can easily find their old familiar items and add them to the shopping cart with just one click, for example: "My Favorites," "Last 90 Days," and "Beverages." Plus, you and your sales force have the option to include items that may be of interest to your customer in these templates so that they do not overlook them.


Clear overview
Custom order templates
Easy to use
Faster than fax or phone


Whether it's perishable goods or weekly specials: Instead of printing flyers (which often end up in the trash), you can now send your offers directly to your customer's mobile phone! When opening the app, your customers will immediately see what is currently discounted and can order directly with one click.


Offers on mobile phone
Increases your revenue
Realtime editing
Show article pictures

Delivery Days

Via the app, your customers can only order for the delivery days that you have pre-approved. This is one less error source, because it means your customers can no longer specify "wrong" delivery days.


Customer specific
No more delivery mistakes
Also in 2 week rhythm available
Preselects next available day


Customers with multiple outlets can easily switch between their locations in the app, and place and view orders in parallel. For this important group of customers, you'll provide a unified overview of what each store employee has ordered. Their managers will love you for it!


Manager account
Additionally accounts per location
All in one overview
Web overview for details

Article details

Box, kilogram, package, piece... In the app your customers can see exactly which of your items is available in which unit, and choose their favorites. You can specify exactly which unit is displayed per item. In addition, you can also display images and other information so that your customers have all the info they need at their fingertips.


Always retrievable
Shows unit available per article
Shows price per unit
Shows images per article

Order history

Via the order history, your customers can see what they have ordered from you in the past. This also allows the various employees at your customer's location to see who ordered what and when - making reorders a breeze.


Overview sorted by time
Green check marks to confirm
Overview of ordered items
Perfect to double check

Customer specific prices

Our connection to your ERP system lets you display customer-specific and daily updated prices in the app. This means that customers always have an up-to-date overview of their prices and offers.


Daily prices
Customer specific
Automatic via your ERP
Exactly your price logic

All wholesalers

Some of your customers will definitely order from a  handful of different wholesalers. So that your customers don't have to rely on multiple apps, we offer the option for customers to store other wholesalers in ChefsList as well. It's designed to ensure their best user experience while avoiding price comparison. Each wholesaler keeps their own separate shop.

Your Benefits

More value for your customers
Individual app area
No competitor view
One app for all

Deadline and pre-order items

With ChefsList, you can set a deadline so your customers can only order by a certain time for the following day. They have pre-order items? No problem. You can mark them via the app as well, so your customers know which items need to be ordered in advance.


Deadline by the hour
No more "late orders"
Mark pre-order items
All in real time

We are more than just an ordering app

We are your digital partner.

For the industry, not against it

Open Marketplace and price comparison? Not at ChefsList.

Full control

You alone decide which customer gets access and to whom what is displayed.

Your data, your customers

Your data and customers belong to you. We are just your digital army on the ground.

We help you grow

ChefsList is focused on your meaningful digitization to a healthier profit margin.

Reduce errors

Less frustration and more time. For you, your employees and your customers, we are a lifesaver.

Top service for your customers

Stand out by providing the best service to your customers - we put you ahead of the game

Further development

The industry doesn't stand still, so neither do we! We are constantly working on new ideas and features for you.

For All F&B Suppliers

No matter what your product range looks like, our app adapts to you.

Partner with your team

The secret weapon for your sales reps to improve sales and customer relationships.

With ChefsList I always keep an overview of my orders - even with my 4 restaurant locations.
I love the oversight of the current special offers.
Julia Imangulowa,
Hotel 38
With Chefslist, our restaurants complete their weekly order in under 15 minutes. World class!
Hendrik van Dyck,
Food Brother

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