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How long does the setup take?
The setup itself takes a few days. In most cases, it only depends on whether we already work with your WaWi or not yet. In the latter case, we implement the interface for you according to your wishes.
My pricing logic is very complicated. Can ChefsList still display the customer specific prices in the app?
Yes, absolutely. Thanks to our flexible interface, we can map even the most complicated pricing logic 1:1 in the app.
How do I convince my customers to use ChefsList?
The app offers your customers many advantages in everyday life and makes ordering easier. You will be surprised how many of your customers will make use of the ordering app. In addition, we support you with training for your field sales team and marketing materials. We accompany you from A-Z so that you can work successfully with ChefsList.


My customer is already using an app. What do I do now?
We have very positive experience in convincing such customers, who already use an app, to use ChefsList afterwards. There is no better argument than that you cooperate with ChefsList and therefore the orders work smoothly.

About ChefsList

How does ChefsList work?
ChefsList works "out of the box" - that means the ordering app is already fully developed and ready to use for you as a wholesaler. To make sure everything works properly in everyday life, we only need to create an interface between ChefsList and your inventory management system in advance. Once the interface is set up, orders placed in ChefsList will be imported directly into your system (no more typing!). And in the app, in turn, your assortment, customer-specific prices, images and special offers are displayed automatically and updated daily.
How are you different from other order apps?
1) Independence: Other ordering apps are not independent because other wholesalers own them. This poses risks in terms of data processing and competitive advantages. 2) Experience: We ourselves have years of experience in delivering food. This means that we know what hurdles and problems there are in everyday life. That's why we know exactly how to build solutions that are practical in everyday life. Other systems were founded for opportunistic motives, and due to the lack of experience, have built solutions that sound good but don't really solve the problems. 3) Closed system: our app is "closed." You control which customer gets access and who can see what. Other ordering apps are developing marketplaces with price comparisons. 4) Profitable: many of our competitors have received huge amounts of venture capital from major investors. On the one hand, this helps them grow quickly. On the other hand, it also means that there are high expectations on the part of investors to implement a high revenue share sooner or later. This means that even if such systems are free today, you can be sure that it will not stay that way and instead, sooner or later, there will be a 180 degree turnaround. We work profitably. With us, you know transparently from day 1 what prices you will be charged and what services you can expect in return.
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