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One order app for all your wholesalers and suppliers. Keep all your ordering at one single spot and free up headspace - completely free of charge.

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Your advantages as a gastronomer

All your wholesalers in one app
With Chefslist you can manage all your orders from a single location.
Order with colleagues
Different languages, separate accounts and different permissions: With Chefslist, everyone on the team knows what has been when ordered.
Everything at a glance
Your order templates, order history and complaints on orders: Everything at the touch of a button.

100% digital:

The easiest way to order

With the ChefsList app, it's easier than ever to order from all your wholesalers - and save valuable time and money. It works like this:

All suppliers in one app

01. Step

The app shows you and your colleagues products, packaging units, your order templates and much more important information.

You and your team can click together all your orders with a clear overview.

Special Offers, Prices and Search

02. Step

At the request of your suppliers, the app can also display product pictures, prices and special offers.

Finally have an overview of how much you are paying for products upfront!

Are you looking for seasonal products or front of house needs like cleaning products? With our search you can find everything that your supplier has on offer.

Last check

03. Step

In the shopping cart you can check the order again before sending it.

Is the minimum order value reached? Which delivery days are available? Should a note be attached? Has the team forgotten a product or put too much in the shopping cart?

If everything is good to go, the order is triggered by a single click.

Successfully sent

04. Step

Your orders are then being automatically forwarded to your respective suppliers. Either via email or directly into their inventory management system - we are happy to set it up the way you and your suppliers want it.

You receive an order confirmation by email as well and on top can track the status of your order within the app. Stay always up to date!

Create custom lists according your needs

Wether you are a restaurant, a bakery, a cafe, an office or another type of business: With the custom order lists you can create templates for yourself and for your team exactly according to your needs.

Think of a list for your Monday orders, or a list for the meat vendor of products that you need on a recurring basis.

See your order history and stop fumbling with invoice papers

"How much did I order last time again, because that was too much?"
"What was the name of that one article I ordered again?"
"They only send 2kg, didn't I order more?"

With your order history you stay on top of things and know exactly when you ordered what from who.

Proudly for the industry

Wholesalers and gastronomers trust ChefsList

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