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13,90€ / Stück
13,90€ / Stück
13,90€ / Stück
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The digital 360° solution for
Wholesalers & Producers.

We make digitization easy.
For you and all your customers.

The digital 360° solution for
Wholesalers & Producers.

We make digitization easy.
For you and all your customers.

The digital 360° solution for
Wholesalers & Producers.

We make digitization easy.
For you and all your customers.

Bakery and Dairy Products
Meat and Processed Meat Products
Fruit and Vegetable Products
Full Catalogue and Hygiene Products
Fish and Seafood Products
Drinks and Spirits Products

The industry's leading wholesalers and producers trust us.

Throughout Germany and beyond, we are the trusted partner of food and beverage wholesalers and producers for the digitization of the ordering process.

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Keep up with the times,
or be left in the dark.

Do you still work by fax? Then it's time to change that! Digitization has arrived in food and beverage wholesale and is being demanded more than ever by customers. Wholesalers who miss this trend will be left behind in the coming years. Be part of the positive change happening now.

André Klein
Co-Founder ChefsList

Our industry is one of the last industries that has not yet been digitized. A clear trend is that this will change significantly in the next 3-5 years. And the first area in which digitization is making great strides is ordering.

The question is not whether to, but how to.

Are you now proactively digitizing the key areas of your business yourself, or are you waiting for marketplaces and price comparison portals to come between you and your customers and take control?

Why is ChefsList Different?

Why is it urgent today, and not maybe tomorrow?

Digitization is not a "nice to have", but crucial for the success of your business in the years to come.

1. Prevent digital marketplaces.

Price comparison portals and marketplaces are increasingly edging between you and your customers. Their goal: take over the relationship and eliminate the wholesale trade. Proactively offer your customers the best solution now and also protect yourself and your customer relationships digitally.

2. Immediately crisis-proof.

The Corona crisis has shown how vulnerable the wholesale trade is to contact restrictions.
Therefore, digitize one of the most important everyday processes now in order to provide your customers with the best possible care even from a distance and to set up your company there in a crisis-proof manner.

3. Adapt to customer needs

The ordering process to you is one of the last areas of your customers that has not yet been digitized. Your customers' demand for digital tools is increasing. be one of the wholesalers who proactively offer digitization - instead of missing the trend and being left behind by the competition.

4. Compensate for labor shortages.

Workers are missing everywhere. As a result, the existing workforce has to take on many admin tasks and is 90% busy with it. Relieve your team: Digitize important admin areas and give your team the freedom to work closer to the customer instead.

Partners that know about your industry.

Our industry is facing major challenges. The Corona crisis, a lack of qualified employees, low margins and digitization towards online marketplaces with revenue sharing and price comparisons.

We enable food wholesalers and all their customers to work better together. We're here to help all those behind the scenes who do their best every day. All doers and everyday heroes who work in the background at the highest level and are therefore the backbone of our industry.

We are their digital partner. We are there to accompany the industry on the path to digitization and to make it fit for the future of our industry.

Why we are the
right choice:

Wholesale Specialists

Marketing materials and campaigns, on-site training, telephone support for you and your customers. We provide you with the complete package.

Eine App, die überzeugt

We come from your industry and know what we are talking about.

Fair pricing model

Paying for the app depends on whether the app is used by your customers or not. There is no risk for you!

Your customers, your data

Your business, your customers, your data. Your app.


Easy and fast set-up.

Excellent support

Tired of poor customer support with your digital products? We pride ourselves on being the best at helping you when you need our support.

The complete digital solution for your business:

Mobile Order App & Webshop

Offer your customers the best online ordering experience. Whether on PC, tablet or smartphone - ChefsList is the right choice for you and your customers.

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The right solution

Top Rated and used by thousands

Sales Rep App

Enter orders digitally on the spot, view statistics, receive item suggestions per customer. With the sales force app, you can help your sales force reach a new level.

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Sales Rep App

The secret weapon for your sales staff

ChefsList Pages

After Corona, it's now more important than ever to get attention from new potential customers. On ChefsList Pages you can discover new customers and get in touch with them.

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