Products & Features

Order App
Connected with your ERP system
Automated order intake
  • All orders go automatically into your ERP
  • No more hand-typing
  • free up time for other tasks
upselling on autpilot
let your customers find new products
  • Your pdf deals in the app
  • full sortiment visibility
  • intelligent search
  • your categories
  • customer specific product recommendation
Automated Rule handling
Eliminate order errors
  • Order deadline
  • pre order articles
  • Holiday blocker
  • delivery days per customers
  • Min order value and surcharges
good for you and the environment
Sell surplus stock
  • one click to show to all customers
  • Limited availability note
  • “Best before” notifier
  • “Available until” settings
Delight your chain customers
for your biggest customers
  • one Log-In, access to many locations
  • pre order articles for Different Locations
  • statistics overview
  • Complex rule handling of team members
secure orders
order reminder
  • Sent as sMS
  • reach all costumers, not just CL users
  • created automatically
  • Fully Configurable (Text, time, customer specific)
Sales rep app
overview of all customers
  • See all your customer Data
  • order history per costumer
  • Employee overview
  • Customer specific pricing
  • take your own notes
Chefslist works together with plenty of ERP systems
Place orders on behalf of customers
  • Order automatically in your ERP
  • No more hand-typing
  • Minimize order errors and save time
Negotiatie prices with customers
mobile and on the spot
  • Decrease or increase prices per customers
  • One time, permanent or for specific time window
  • Info sent automatically to inside sales team
better customer conversations
See changes in order behaviour
  • Per article and costumer: detailed view
  • date of last and second last order
  • for what price, in what quantity
  • Compare to previous time period
Newsletter (soon)
made for wholesalers
Send beautiful email newsletters
to all your customers
  • in your branding
  • beautiful templates available
  • Customizable
  • customer group specific
Sell more
Include your deal and specials
  • Include your deal pdfs
  • accessible from within in email
  • Include your specials
  • Inform customers about seasonal products
Click - and done. its that simple
fully connected
  • No need to upload data manually
  • Customer emails, prices, products all included
  • just add content, select customers, done
Get real time insights on email success
  • see open rates of email
  • see who ordered from email
  • bounces/ deliverability
Get paid now
No more waiting and following up
Get paid Fast and improve your cash flow
  • Let ChefsList handle your customer payments
  • Fast payout within 3 business days
  • no more following up
100% certainty for you
Get paid for sure
  • Payments guaranteed by chefsList
  • Protected, Even in case of insolvency of customer
  • Take out the guesswork
Get rid of cash payments
Save time and work
  • All payments digital
  • all directly into your bank account
  • no more cash payments
better cash flow for your customers, too
great for your and your customers
  • 30 days payment terms
  • one consolidated payment
  • simple overview
  • All invoices at hand in app
together we
can do it
Let's go
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