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From bakeries to supermarkets, with ChefsList all your customers can now order via app.

Trusted by the forward thinkers of our industry

The best F&B wholesalers work with ChefsList - no matter their size.

For a better relationship with your customers

ChefsList is the ordering app you can use with all your customers. Get rid of unreadable orders coming from multiple channels and streamline everything with ChefsList. Help your sales team focus on selling, not order processing. We integrate with your ERP and automate everything, so setup is simple.

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drives your business forward in sales and marketing

Increase revenue, save costs
More time and less stress
Increase customer love
Your data, your customers

Success stories from our customers

With ChefsList we have increased our customer loyalty & turnover.
Andreas Gräf,
Bäko Oberpfalz
ChefsList is the best partner for order digitisation.
Ute Scharmentke,
There is real power behind it. Click, and off we go.
Volker Weber,
Weber Fruchthandel
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The perfect solution for F&B wholesalers

Despite the name, ChefList is for much more than just gastronomy. Our team has experience working with wholesalers of all different sizes and segments of food and beverage. Our solution is flexible enough to work with every ERP system, and our team is there to help you get started, so you can go live with your customers in no time.

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No matter your Specialization - we are here for you

Meat & meat products
Fruits and vegetables
Dairy, eggs and pantry

... and all your customers

When it comes to ordering, all your customers want the same thing: asimple, fast, and reliable experience. ChefsList is flexible enough to cater to customers from bakeries and restaurants to chains, and even supermarkets. Additionally, your customers will never be left out in the cold - if they have any issues, they can be connected to our customer service team immediately, directly from within the app.

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not limited to gastronomy - ready for all your customers

Restaurants, bars and hotels
Supermarkets and kiosks
Butchers and bakeries
Caterers and other

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Amazing service, tailor made for you

All suppliers that work with us have their own dedicated ChefsList Account Manager that
helps you integrate this new tool. They are also there to understand how you work and how ChefsList can best help you!
  • We take care of setting up your ERP connection
  • Free app training for your all your employees
  • Workshops on how to best communicate the app to your customers
Account Management
  • You get your own personal ChefsList Account Manager
  • Regular updates for business owners
  • Continued contact to your employees about questions or concerns
Customer Service
  • We answer all technical questions from your customers
  • Quick reaction to any order-based questions
  • We support your team so they can do the best job possible

One-on-one training, free migration, and a helping hand whenever you need it

ChefsList Customer Success Commitment is a set of promises from us to you. Across value, service, and trust, these 17 promises (unique in the industry) guarantee that you'll always be able to get what you need, when you need it. You won't find an offer like this anywhere else.

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World class service for you, your team and all your customers

We set it up for you
Training and customer support
Your own account manager
Constant app improvement

ChefsList is top rated by our users

Real customer feedback is at the core of what we do – only together can we make
the best product for our industry.
Great support for everyday life

Chefslist has become an incredibly important support for my company. The friendly team was and is always available to help me with extremely individual problems. At this point, I simply have to express my compliments! Our work has been simplified many times over and my employees get on really well with the program, saving time and effort. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chefslist.

Absolute recommendation

Dear ChefsList team,

Thank you very much for this great app. Finally a useful and well-structured app that makes my everyday life as a cook a lot easier.

And there is also a super helpful and reliable service. I'm excited.

Absolute recommendation !!

Simple at last!

We have a colorful bouquet of suppliers.

Their offers are not always clear for us and we miss out on a lot, especially when it comes to seasonal products.

Cheflist is easy to use, we avoid misunderstandings and it also saves time.

Alastair Grant
Thank you!

We have been looking for a simple solution to ordering for years. So far everything works like clockwork. On top of that, it's free. So thank you and we will certainly continue to use!

Really helpful

Finally no longer ordering by fax and when I have time! About time there was something like that.

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