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Achieve order automation, templates for each customer, special offers, individual prices and much more - Created to fit your needs.

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iOS, Android and browser app - phone, tablet or computer. For bakers, butchers, schools or gastronomers. ChefsList works for everyone.

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Speak with one of our Sales Representatives and you can be receiving digital orders 24h later. We create your account for you in no time.

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ChefsList is your ordering app, with which you will score points with your customers today - and instantly prepared for the future. Whenever error-prone orders take time away from your team or customers want to order after hours, we are there for you. ChefsList is so much more than "just an App". We are driven to improve the wholesale industry and its processes!

For your customers

A revolution for your customers, and as easy as WhatsApp.

With ChefsList you can achieve peace of mind with a complete overview of your ordering system. We release you from the stress of everyday operations and make room for an even better relationship between you and your customers. Overloaded and complicated? Others can do that. We rely on the feedback of the people who work with our App every day. The result: An app that your customers will love you for.

From the industry - for the industry

Our team has years of experience - both in wholesale and in gastronomy. We know that price comparisons, revenue sharing and marketplaces in our low-margin industry cannot be the solution and are harmful to everyone.

We stand for strengthening existing customer relationships and digitisation - in the interest of the industry.

"With ChefsList I always keep an overview of my orders - even with my 4 restaurant locations"
"I love the oversight of the current special offers."
"We're really excited."
"With ChefsList everything is always clear on both sides and errors are minimized".

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